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A talk with Bert Meewis

I identify so much with Krug’s philosophy – simplicity, and quality without compromise.
What are your sources of inspiration?
I get my inspiration from the seasons. Every season has its typical traits that inspire me in my dishes.
What is your idea of pleasure?
Very simple, for me enjoyable times consist of 3 elements: good food, good wines and champagnes and of course the most important, good company.
What is your ultimate dream meal?
Hopp sprouts with a poached egg and Belgian Caviar.
Who would you like to share your dream dinner with ?
With my wife of course.
What is the most valuable thing for you?
The most valuable for us is to have healthy friends and family that are happy.
What makes you a KRUG lover?
I am a Krug lover because we share the passion for quality with the house. This comes back in the champagne as in our restaurant.
What do you consider the perfect food pairing with a glass of KRUG?
Bresse chicken with morels in cream.

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