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Petrus Restaurant, Island Shangri-La Hotel

Hong Kong S.A.R

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A talk with Uwe Opocensky

Cooking is like Krug Grande Cuvee - a constant recreation of pleasure.
How would you describe your culinary philosophy?
My focus is on the quality and origin of the produce. Keep it simple for the eyes and focus on the story around the ingredients.
Who would you like to share your dream dinner with and why?
My dream dinner is when I share with friends and family as they have been supported and around me over the years, and to be able to sit with all of them, would give me the greatest pleasure.
What is your guilty pleasure in life?
Chocolate, Chocolate and Chocolate. I have an extreme sweet tooth.
Can you describe any parallels you see between cooking and Music?
The links lie between emotion and memory. For me, music and cooking can create and bring up emotions which are deeply rooted inside of us and this makes an incredible and very powerful link between the two. Also, both are very personal and individual.
What is the most inspiring experience you had on your journey to becoming a Chef?
There are too many inspiring experiences…. Each one of them has a special meaning for me and it is so hard to list one which stands out. To be very honest, every day is inspiring as a Chef. When you put your jacket on, this is a start of a new creation and experience.
What makes you a Krug Lover?
The understanding of the craft, passion and determination to create the best with what you have or available to you, reflects with me so much that this makes me a Krug Lover.
Can you describe your first sip of Krug?
I was stunned when I tried Krug’s Grande Cuvee the first time, it was so bold, rich and elegant.

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Krug Grande Cuvée
Krug Grande Cuvée
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