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Krug x Music

A Gateway to New Sensations

The House of Krug takes a musical approach to Champagne creation: each plot of vines is a musician and our Cellar Master, a conductor selecting those who will together perform the most generous expression of Champagne every year, Krug Grande Cuvée. Sometimes the musicians of a certain year have a unique song to play, and sometimes a virtuoso soloist emerges during these auditions. Thus, other Krug Champagnes may also be born, making Music a natural way to reflect our craftsmanship.

Founder Joseph Krug believed the true essence of Champagne is pleasure – Krug is about enjoyment and shared moments. Similarly, music is a universal intuitive language that opens gateways to new sensations. Just as anyone can enjoy Music, the fullness of flavours and aromas of each Krug Champagne ensures we all find something within it to stir the sensations.

Music Pairings:
An invitation to discover Krug Champagnes in a unique way

It is proven that sound has an impact on taste perception, meaning Music has the power to reveal a myriad of new dimensions through the sensorial experience that comes with every sip of Krug Champagne. It is with this understanding that the House of Krug has created a unique experiential tasting universe, leveraging Music Pairings.

Music Pairings allow music and Champagne to resonate in harmony and awaken the senses. Each year the House invites Krug Lover composers, musicians, and immersive sound artists to an extended tasting of Krug Champagnes. Inspired by the flavours on their palates, these artists select pieces of music or create original compositions, which we call “Krug Echoes”, translating into sound the sensations they felt and how they connected to the experience.

From traditional rhythms to modern beats, from stereo to multidimensional sound experiments, discover a unique library of Music Pairing experiences.

Les Créations de 2011

Five personal interpretations, a common musical journey. Discover the unique compositions of the Krug Lover community of artists, translating into music their tasting sensations of Les Créations de 2011.


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Jae Hyung Jung

Korean Pianist & Producer

Cy Leo

Hong Kongese Harmonicist & Composer


Italian Pianist, Producer & Composer
Krug Grande Cuvée
Krug Grande Cuvée
Composed by
Selected by