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Krug 2000
Stormy Indulgence

Krug 2000 is rich, precise, complex and indulgent. The House of Krug wanted to create a vintage for the last year of the millennium, based on the unusual and climatically chaotic season. Known as Gourmandise Orageuse (Stormy Indulgence) this vintage brings together the complexity and the generosity of a very exciting year. Krug 2000 is one of the most intense, dramatic and romantic Krug Vintages ever made.

KRUG iD 411050

Received its cork
Autumn 2011
Pinot noir 42% Chardonnay 43% Meunier 15%
The oldest wine
The youngest wine
Eric Lebel
Chef de Caves, Krug
Portrait of Eric Lebel
This bottle spent at least 11 years in Krug's cellars, receiving its cork in Autumn 2011. Composed of a selection of the year's most characterful wines, Krug 2000 is the expression of the year 2000 revealed by Krug.

The growing season of 1999-2000 was one of heightened drama. A violent tornado struck at the end of December, followed by a late budding due to spring rains. In midsummer, a brutal hailstorm savaged the region, taking a particularly heavy toll on the Pinot Noir vines north of the Montagne de Reims. Thankfully a milder summer followed, although the storm clouds were never far away. The first grapes were gathered on 11th September and, despite the year's tumultuous character, the two-week-long harvest gave us a bountiful yield of indulgent grapes with intense flavour.

After several tasting sessions, for no blending decision is taken at Krug before tasting, it became clear that the notes of ripe citrus fruits from a selection of the Chardonnay plots in Trépail and Villers-Marmery would provide the perfect counterbalance to the expressive white wines from certain plots in Avize and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. Finally, the Meuniers from plots in Sainte-Gemme and Villevenard brought their distinctive vivacity to the blend.

The final composition of this bottle of Krug 2000 is 42% Pinot Noir, 43% Chardonnay and 15% Meunier.

At the House of Krug every Vintage is crafted to be different, celebrating the distinct character of a particular year. It is as if Krug 2000 were the music of the year, captured by Krug.
Eric Lebel

Tasting notes

Beautiful, intense golden colour that begins to reveal the year.

Aromas of caramel, nougat, hazelnut, freshly baked pastries fresh from the oven.

Flavours of citrus-fruit gratins, lime zest with a very long finish and persistence.

Storing & serving

  • Krug Grande Cuvée | 1
    The richness of your Krug Champagne is fully revealed between 9°C and 12°C (49°F - 54°F). Serving your bottle too cold would refrain the aromas’expression.
  • Krug Grande Cuvée | 2
    Krug has created The Joseph, a unique crystal glass whose shape enables the bubbles to reach their optimal expression and allows the discovery of the incredible bouquet of aromas.
  • Krug Grande Cuvée | 3
    If you do not have The Joseph glass, we recommend using a white Burgundy glass instead of a flute, to enable the expression of Krug Champagne’s flavors and aromas.
  • Krug Grande Cuvée | 4
    As a Prestige Cuvée, Krug Champagnes age beautifully, the time revealing their richness and elegance.
  • Krug Grande Cuvée | 5
    Your Champagne should be stored in a wine cellar, or in a cool (between 10 to 15 °C - 50 to 59 °F) dry and away from light place, the exact conditions of Krug cellars.
  • Krug Grande Cuvée | 6
    The House of Krug’s unique craftsmanship is based on our understanding every plot through its individual wine. After several tastings by the tasting committee, a thorough assessment of each plot’s wine is achieved. In order to reveal the individual essence of every Krug Champagne, the most expressive wines are selected to play in each composition accordingly.
    No strong filtering or cold treatment is applied to any of our wines before bottling, thereby keeping a non-interventionist approach to the creation of every Krug Champagne, from vineyards to glass. As a result of this choice, while enjoying Krug, you may occasionally notice at the bottom of the last glass a few wine diamonds – harmless tartrate crystals which can form naturally while bottles are resting or being chilled. These are also known as quality crystals and we at the House of Krug felt it was important to share with you this further evidence of our commitment to preserving the most natural approach to the creation of all Krug Champagnes.

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Food pairing


"A powerhouse, with a dense and expressive core of toasted brioche, candied kumquat, espresso crème, crystallized honey and salted pistachio flavors. The fine, creamy mousse and well-meshed acidity lend a sense of finesse that cloaks the firm structure and exuberance of this impressive Champagne." – AN

Wine Spectator 2015
Note: 97/100

Grand vinous depth although a formal perfection less complete than Krug Grand Cuvée.

Bettane & Desseauve 2015
Note: 18/20
Music pairing by Jacky Terrasson
Singer and musician
Jacky Terrasson
Music Experience Artist Jacky Terrasson Cover Album

Born in 1965, Jacky Terrasson is an internationally renowned Franco-American pianist, composer and bandleader, who recorded his debut as a leader in 1992.

The following year, he won the Thelonious Monk International Piano Competition then toured with the legendary Betty Carter, both of which propelled him to superstardom.

Herbie Hancock Jacky Terrasson - Butterfly
Jacky Terrasson
  • Music Experience Portrait of Artist Jacky Terrasson Music Experience Portrait of Artist Jacky Terrasson

    Jacky Terrasson - Butterfly

    Jacky Terrasson - Butterfly

    Herbie Hancock

    Selected by
    Jacky Terrasson

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    The Dø - Omen

    The Dø - Omen

    The Dø

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    The Dø

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    Khatia Buniatishvili - Méphisto waltz n’1

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    Franz Liszt - Khatia Buniatishvili

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    Khatia Bunitiasvili

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    Cécilia Chailly