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The Joy of Sharing, from India to the World

1 January, 2021

Olivier Krug, sixth generation of the Krug family & Director of the House, reflects on the deep-rooted nonconformist spirit the House has inherited.

A talk with Olivier Krug

Director of the House & sixth generation of the Krug family

I am the sixth generation of a family committed to perpetuating the legacy of founder Joseph Krug who, in 1843, broke the boundaries by creating a Champagne that did not yet exist, one that still today does not exist outside the House. He initiated a Krug tradition by committing his vision to the pages of his dark cherry personal notebook.
Two generations later, my grandfather, Joseph Krug II, also kept a similar journal within which he vividly describes his travels to India in the late 1800s. To read it is to be there with him, awing at the intensity of the sunset, relishing the unique seasoning of the curries and listening in admiration to music playing in joyous celebration.
I will never forget my impressions of Jaipur.
Joseph Krug II
For centuries, my family has been defying conventions, which is why today this nonconformist spirit lives on as we invite 11 of the world’s finest Chefs to join our current and former Cellar Masters in the bustling Pink City of Jaipur. These likeminded craftsmen share our natural inclination to be bold and delve into a humble ingredient to create surprising pairings with an unassuming, ubiquitous culinary staple – the onion.

Armed with their vision, zeal and mastery of the craft, these Chefs come together in India to create exciting new recipes, which I invite you to discover in the sixth book of the Krug x single ingredient series, I Gotta Peelin’. 

These Chefs are extensions of the House and they understand Krug is about the joy of sharing – there are no rules, nothing complicated about the sensorial journey and pleasure it brings. Together, we strengthen the connection between the House, our Krug Ambassades and Krug Lovers around the world.

Krug Grande Cuvée
Krug Grande Cuvée
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