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Les Créations de 2008 by Niklas Paschburg

30 November, 2021

An exceptional talent, Niklas Paschburg of Hamburg, Germany has developed his own musical style where Neo-Classical, Ambient, and E-Music merge into a sound that is both meditatively touching and symphonically uplifting. Now living in Berlin, the artist plays in churches and clubs his instrument of choice, the piano – with a twist. His music mixes DJ-like synthesizers, piano, accordion, and bass drums with a computer and is accompanied by video and light shows. 
A lover of nature, Niklas Paschburg looks to it for inspiration as he enchants on his sound-painting journey through deep soundscapes with club-suitable intensity. In this spirit, he immersed himself in the nature surrounding Krug in the year 2008 as he sought to interpret Krug 2008 and Krug Grande Cuvée 164ème Édition into music. 
For his compositions, Paschburg visited the vineyards and cellars in Reims, observed and interviewed members of the House at work, and noted, "I was particularly inspired by the infinite patience and dedication required for such Champagne masterpieces." He also drew on this respect and the soulful emotional essence of the experience he brought back from France to compose a piece for Krug Grande Cuvée 164ème Édition and Krug 2008. Paschburg created  mesmerizing hymns to the sparkling art of Champagne, full of joie de vivre and energy. 

A talk with Niklas Paschburg

Can you tell us about yourself?
I’m Niklas Paschburg, a musician/producer from Hamburg living in Berlin.
Do you have any memorable memories from a show?
I have quite a lot of them, but most recently my show in the Elbphilharmonie stands out. Since I’m from Hamburg this has been a lifelong goal and is a memory I will keep forever.
What is your creative process?
Usually I escape into nature when I want to be creative. My favourite places are close to the sea and the water, where I can be alone. I try to forget my day-to-day life in Berlin, try to forget all the city noises and there I can really get creative and be inspired by nature. At Krug I got wonderful inspiration by visiting the plots.
How would you describe the music that you typically create?
It is a mixture between ambient and electronic music with a classical influence, as I first started with the piano and only played classical pieces. It is an instrumental mixture of many genres yet there will be vocals in the future. Nevertheless, my main instrument has and will always be the piano.
Do you sing in the shower? What song?
I don’t sing. I prefer to whistle.
What makes you a Krug Lover?
You will never forget your first glass of Krug. I fell in love immediately.

Krug grande cuvée

Composed by Grand soleil
Selected by Grand soleil
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    Krug Grande Cuvée
    Composed by  Grand Soleil


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Wind Rowing (Krug 2008)
Composed by Niklas Paschburg
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Nictitating Membrane (Krug Grande Cuvée)
Composed by Niklas Paschburg
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Krug Grande Cuvée
Krug Grande Cuvée
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