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Les Créations de 2008 by Akira Senju

Akira Senju is widely regarded as one of the most prominent Japanese composers living today.

Senju was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1960. After having studied in the Faculty of Technology at Keio University, he decided to study composition formally and entered the Tokyo University of the Arts, where he studied with Hiroaki Minami and Toshiro Mayuzumi. He completed his master's degree in composition with highest honors. The work for his completion "EDEN for computer" received recognition and was purchased by the university and became part of the permanent collection of the University Art Museum.

A talk with Akira Senju

When writing this music, you mentioned how you select which instrument and where to use them. Could you tell us overall what your process is in selecting instruments and what kind of inspiration you had?
I have been a KRUG Lover for a long time and with my experience, I have always thought about how this could be represented in music. Pinot Noir is the string section. String instruments, that are like silk. And Chardonnay, is woodwind instruments. Pinot Meunier, this would be a wonderful accent -French horn. I matched them up like that, and thought of their various roles, and how to blend them.
How do you approach thinking about pairing music and champagne?
I have had the opportunity to do this starting around 10 years ago. The way of blending the wines to make KRUG is really similar to the way musicians think.So rather than pairing with music, as we are all creators, or should I say craftsmen, as artisans, the answer as a musician came to me rather easy.
Before, it was discussing with other people while talking about KRUG, or doing a tasting, pairing with KRUG and classical music to see which music went well with Krug.
Like Eric and Julie, I have also been involved with KRUG for over 10 years, so with that experience, I wrote it as a fellow member the Krug family.
Please tell us your first memory with KRUG.
Well, I have been drinking it for such a long time, but the first time that I was sort of enlightened by KRUG was when I first went to Reims. When Olivier spoke passionately about Grande Cuvée, I felt that it was different from any champagne that I had in the past, that it's not just a normal, in a good way, that there's a depth and spread that is infinite to it. I felt that Krug Grande Cuvée is a statement on how specific Joseph Krug was. And that is the heart of KRUG, and what would be considered KRUG craftmanship is there, and the history of continuing this legacy and that they are keeping this alive.
What does KRUG mean to you?
It’s hard to describe but it is like a co-worker or in a way, it is always together with me in my heart. I truly felt this when working on this music. Usually I work and write my music alone. But this time, I wasn't alone. And why that was, first of all, I had the tasting notes of the champagnes which could be used as a base to work on. In that sense I didn't have to fight alone, so Krug is like a partner. I open a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée on a special occasion. It can be something from a birthday or even when I have friends over to share a relaxing moment.
Krug Grande Cuvée
Krug Grande Cuvée
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