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JEJU fried chicken
by Douglas Kim

28 August, 2021

After starting his first career in New York at NOBU, Chef Douglas Kim completed his studies at The Culinary Institute of America and embarked on the Crystal Cruise for a trip of a lifetime; a journey to more than 70 countries around the world. Since his return, he has accumulated more than a decade of experience in the restaurant scene, working at some of the world’s most prestigious establishments including Gordon Ramsay NYC, Per Se, Bouley NYC, Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, Morimoto and Zuma (London, Miami, NYC).

In 2017, Chef Kim opened JEJU Noodle Bar with this team. Just one year later, JEJU earned its first Michelin Star and continues to remain the only noodle restaurant in the United States to achieve star status.

JEJU Fried Chicken with Onion Yang Yum Jang, Doenjang Aioli & Yogurt Dip

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JEJU fried chicken 

500 grams AP flour


2 whole chickens (thighs and wings)



For chicken dust, equal parts of:

Onion powder

Bonito powder

Vinegar powder

Garlic powder


Onion Yang Yum Jang

500 grams soy sauce

500 grams rice vinegar 

300 grams sugar

300 grams fresh lime juice

100 grams onion hache

200 grams Caramelized onion oil


Onion Doenjang Aioli 

50 grams doenjang- Korean soybean paste

300 grams mayonnaise 

100 grams Greek yogurt

30 grams sugar

50 grams white wine vinegar 

20g grams caramelized onion



Various alliums (chive, pickled ramps, pearl onions)

Olive oil



Yogurt Onion Dip with Caviar

50g egg yolks

120g sherry vinegar 

15g lime juice 

20g garlic

15g salt

5g pepper

25g onion powder

150g neutral oil 

100g doenjang

200g yogurt


JEJU fried chicken 

Brine chicken overnight. Drain, then soak in buttermilk and coat in flour. Fry at 300F until cooked thoroughly. Remove from pan and finish with a light coating of Chicken Dust.

Onion Yang Yum Jang

Mix all together.

Onion Doenjang Aioli 

Blend all together until smooth.

Yogurt Onion Dip with Caviar

Blend items below until smooth.

Pairing Notes
The first time I tasted Krug, I remember it was the definition of perfect balance. We wanted to deliver the same experience with this dish, adding onions as the key ingredient! Onion is in every step of the preparation and gives the same balance of flavor and texture to match with Krug.
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