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Comforting Echoes of the Terroir

2 January, 2021
I was first drawn to Krug over twenty years ago for the values I share with the House. I believe that in the kitchen, just as in the tasting room, you should never forget your origins; it is from this unique connection to the terroir that you are given a creative voice.


Arnaud Lallement

Chef and owner of l’Assiette Champenoise & Master Chef of the Krug Family House



A talk with Arnaud Lallement

Chef and owner of l’Assiette Champenoise & Master Chef of the Krug Family House

Each coming season gifts us a different array of fresh onions that I adore using in my kitchen. It might surprise you to see how often we cook with them, as onions go into almost every fundamental recipe from stocks, sauces and stews to baked goods and roasts.
When I prepare the menu for the Krug Family House, I use onions harvested only 6 kilometres from my home. Grown in the same soil as the grapes which become the wines that compose Krug Champagne, they share commonalities inherited from the land.
To me, onions are comforting echoes of the terroir with a versatility of expression that beautifully marries both the fullness of flavours and aromas of Krug Grande Cuvée and the elegance and boldness of Krug Rosé.
Today, I am pleased for you to discover the unique culinary creations of 11 exceptional Krug Ambassade Chefs who have injected their passion, terroir and soul into delicious original Krug x Onion pairings. I know you will be inspired, as I was, by the variety and innovation of these recipes.

The Krug x Onion Creations

Onion, almond and liquorice

The nougaty, hazelnut and amandine notes of the Champagne speak volumes to the broad strokes of rich nutty flavours in the dish. 

Tristin Farmer



Tuna tartare with Indian rice

The tuna exudes minerals and aromas evocative of Pinot Noir, which are mirrored in the flavours and structure of Krug Rosé 23ème Édition. 

Hiroyuki Kanda



Garden onion tart

From sip to bite, Krug Grande Cuvée 168ème Édition is a delightful match with the Garden Onion Tart, as both are rich and multi-layered. 

Angus Mcintosh 



Onion tea

The colour of the consommé is a golden prelude to Krug Grande Cuvée, while the sweetness of the Roscoff onions complement its freshness. 

Uwe Opocensky  



Cipolla al formaggio ragusano 

The pairing of Krug Rosé 23ème Édition with an onion-based dish is ideal for the intensity expressed in the Champagne through the Pinot Noir and Meunier.

Ciccio Sultano



Braised onion with duck liver essence, mango and mustard

The variety of flavours in this dish – brioche, brown sugar, fruit, spices and the elegant duck liver essence – make it a delectable match for Krug Grande Cuvée 168ème Édition. 

Heiko Nieder



Dombe duck a la si-bee

The complexity of Krug Rosé 24ème Édition inspired me to create a dish that would reflect its unique palate. 

Bernhard Reiser 



Cevenne onions, turbot, morels and alsace bacon

The Champagne is bold with a fullness of flavours that comes through those of the onion.

Theo Clench




Just as Krug Grande Cuvée 168ème Édition is a harmonious blend of 198 wines, the dish is a balanced mixture of saltiness, bitterness and umami.

Izumi Kimura



Crab and onion, an homage to India

The caramelised butter contrasts the Champagne’s freshness, while the delicate negi notes tie in the Krug Grande Cuvée with brunoise pickled onion. 

Simon Davies



Lamb tripe, braised madras onion

The onions give the lamb a delightful sweetness and the subtle use of spice is just enough to accentuate the palate of Krug Rosé.

Prateek Sadhu



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