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Champagne Battered Green Onions
by Simon Davies

1 May, 2021

These green onions are a twist on the classic onion ring.  I’ve always found that Krug is a wonderful pairing for fried foods like in this recipe.  The acidity, citrus fruit notes and effervescence of the champagne contrast and balance the richness and salinity of the fried green onions.

Champagne Battered Green Onions

    6 - 10
  • timing
  • preparation time
  • Cooking time


For the green onions

2 bunches green onions

1 egg

145g flour

100g flour, for dredging

200g champagne, ice cold 

Frying Oil, large pot or fryer


For the seasoning salt

20g kosher salt

1g onion powder

6g malt vinegar powder

1/2g (16 cracks) black pepper


Step 1

Heat the oil to 125c (250f). Wash and dry the green onions, cut the roots off of the bottom. Mix all the ingredients for the seasoning salt together and set aside.

Step 2

Once the oil has reached the correct temperature fry the green onions for 1 minute or until softened. Please be careful, the oil will splatter quite a bit. Once all of the green onions have been fried heat the oil up to 190c (375f).

Step  3

Sift the flower into a bowl and then incorporate the egg and champagne by whisking, being sure to keep the batter as cold as possible. If you aren’t going to use it right away place in the refrigerator until ready. 

Step 4

When you are ready to fry, first dredge the scallions in flour being sure to brush off any excess, then dip them in the champagne batter and place directly into the fryer.  Fry until golden brown.  Season with the flavored salt as soon as they come out of the oil.

Krug Grande Cuvée 168ème Édition

The Most Generous Expression of Champagne

Krug Grande Cuvée
Krug Grande Cuvée
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