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From Soloist to Orchestra in 2006

Each plot is a fine musician contributing its unique character to a Krug Champagne.

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World of Craft

Five years, five single ingredients, 53 inspiring Chefs, one big idea. In 2020, Krug presents World of Craft, a tribute to limitless creativity beyond constraints.

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Krug Champagnes

Krug is the first and, as yet, only Champagne House to create prestige Champagnes every year since its foundation in 1843. Give time to the unforgettable with Krug Grande Cuvée, the most generous expression of Champagne.

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Each bottle of Krug has a unique story to tell. The House invites you to enter its Krug iD – six digits printed on the back label – online to take your Krug Champagne experience one step further.

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Generate a Krug iD
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Krug Lovers

Throughout its history, Krug has been bringing people together for unforgettable moments. Wherever a Krug Champagne is shared, the feeling of belonging emerges and connection occurs.


The House of Krug takes a musical approach to Champagne creation. At Krug, each individual plot, through its wine, is considered to be a fine musician, contributing its own unique character and vitality to the final blend.



Krug x Pepper

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Krug Grande Cuvée — Grand Soleil