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Les Créations de 2008 by Vhelade

13 September, 2021

Italian artist Vhelade composed her own Krug Echoes for Les Créations de 2008. Daughter of a Sardinian mother and a Zairian father, she was born in Milan and from a young age showed an innate passion for classical dance, solfeggio, and piano. Her sources of inspiration come from a confluence  of the two cultures, research and experimentation, electronic and jazz styles, as well as introspection and self-expression. She first tasted Krug 2008 and Krug Grande Cuvée 164ème Édition with Cellar Master Julie Cavil and Deputy Director and former Krug Cellar Master Eric Lebel to understand, from a “behind the scenes” perspective, the art of creation of these two Champagnes. Greatly inspired by this exchange, she translated her impressions and sensations into two Krug Echoes that for her best embody each Champagne. The cocreation journey culminated with a live performance of each Krug Echo, paired with its respective Champagne, Krug 2008 and Krug Grande Cuvée 164ème Édition, during an event for Les Créations de 2008 in Milan, Italy.

A talk with Vhelade

How does your first Krug Echoes interpret Krug Grande Cuvée 164ème Édition?
Greatly inspired by Krug Grande Cuvée 164ème Édition, my Krug Echo reconciles paradoxes by being fine and elegant, whilst also large and bursting. From the first note, it fills the soul with a crescendo of instruments and elements linked to the earth, to love, to Champagne. Drawing many parallels to the Champagne, such as the pace of 127 ppm linked to 127 wines present in Krug Grande Cuvée 164ème Édition, and its generosity, incorporating African Bantu rhythms, Sardinian launeddas as well as a witty twist with glasses clinking.
How does your second Krug Echoes interpret Krug 2008?
Krug 2008 has great structure and elegance, whilst being expressive and intense. From the first notes a strong personality emerges but with a synthetic language. My Krug Echo for this Champagne is calm and flowing with a few catchy arrangements that play in unison.
How would you describe your music?
Powerful and passionate. My music is a mix of styles that I love the most, I am drawn towards tribal sounds due to my origins, lots of blues and soul but also classical music and grand orchestral pieces.
Do you sing in the shower?
I always sing in the shower. I love singing my favourite artists: Michael Jackson, Sade, Prince and Lucio Battisti.
A memorable memory of a show?
Every show is special and memorable to me. Life is a wonderful journey full of unforgettable moments for which I am grateful.
What is the creative process behind your music?
Everything flows into my mind naturally starting from an idea. Then it all comes together to create my dream.  
Why Krug and not another?
Krug is music.

Krug grande cuvée

Composed by Grand soleil
Selected by Grand soleil
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    Krug Grande Cuvée
    Composed by  Grand Soleil


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Sirènes (Krug 2008)
Composed by Vhelade
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Motema Na Yo (Krug Grande Cuvée)
Composed by Vhelade
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Krug champagnes

Krug Grande Cuvée
Krug Grande Cuvée
Krug Grande Cuvée
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