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A Krug Ambassade since 2011, as well as one of the first in England, the restaurant Purnell's shares with Krug the same philosophy and the love for craftsmanship. The hotel offers innovative and creative cuisine.

A talk with Glynn Purnell

I decided I wanted to be a Chef when I was ten.
Can you remember the moment that led you down the path toward gastronomy?
A beautiful memory. Mine was slightly different. I decided I wanted to be a Chef when I was ten and added curry powder into my baked beans. I thought it was amazing. When I was growing up, I used to be influenced by my mother’s cooking and, to this day, I admire the way she catered for a large family. One of my signature dishes is called “Haddock and Eggs”. It contains a poached egg yolk, smoked haddock, cornflakes and curry oil. These are all elements of my childhood in that dish from when my mother used to poach haddock and I would walk around with cornflakes in my pocket.
In Europe alone there are myriad types of edible mushroom. Do you have a favourite either for the restaurant or personally?
Not as such. There are so many different varieties, each with its own season, each with its own characteristics and flavours. There is a huge range and versatility in how they can be used, from clarifying to caramelising, using them in a consommé, as the basis for a stock or in a sauce but they can also shine on their own as the star ingredient. I use mushrooms all year round: morels, ceps, chanterelles, black trumpets and the pied bleu variety. I use them in various ways and try to respect the properties of each as best I can by using different techniques.
Do you ever get the chance to pick wild mushrooms?
Mushroom picking is not something I got to do very often growing up on a council estate in Birmingham. These days I do not get many chances to go foraging as I am still based in the city but I have found a few when I have taken Whoops, my Jack Russell, for a stroll in the woods.
Culinary creativity aside, does the combination of Krug and mushrooms hold a special significance for you?
Yes! Recently I was lucky enough to be drinking a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée on the hills of Piedmont in Italy during a truffle hunting trip in Alba. It was made even more memorable by having fresh white truffle grated all over my agnolotti.


Birmingham - GB
55 Cornwall St
B3 2DH, GB
+44 12 1212 9799

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