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Otto e Mezzo Bombana

Hong Kong S.A.R
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Bombana adores Italy and often uses his dishes and recipes to tell a love story with his country. However, he does not limit ingredient choices to Italian products, since he enjoys searching, choosing and selecting products from all over the world. Nevertheless, his hands and palate are totally Italian, which is why his creations are gastronomic postcards of the Bel Paese, where his clients can experience the fragrant and tasty landscapes of Italy from the first bite.

A talk with Umberto Bombana

I love all kinds of art because it is to me the highest form of human expression.
How would you describe your culinary philosophy?
Generous, authentic and contemporary
What is your greatest extravagance in life?
I love all kinds of art because it is to me the highest form of human expression.
What does the area in which your restaurant is situated bring to the food you serve?
Hong Kong is an international city that brings a great sense of vibrancy to my cooking. Guests often have little time, but they still want to eat extraordinary dishes, quickly and efficiently. My cuisine has to deliver a clear message in a very short span of time.
At Krug, we have discovered that Music enhances the tasting experience. For you, which musical work best expresses the sensations felt when tasting Krug Grande Cuvée?
The greatest piece of Music for enjoying Krug Grande Cuvée is, in my opinion, Luigi Boccherini’s La Musica Notturna delle Strade di Madrid Opus 30, Number 6.
The mushroom is seen differently in Asia and Europe. How do you perceive it?
The joy and pleasure of discovering the mushroom is no different from unearthing a hidden treasure. It is just as exciting to me now as it was when I was a child, but now I understand its true magic as an ingredient. Freshly picked porcini, for example, is strong in nutty and earthy flavours with a dense, meaty texture, while the flavour of dried porcini is more concentrated, more deeply umami. The aroma of the chanterelle (gallinacci in Italian) is described as anything from apricot or peach-like to herbaceous with a slight, peppery bite. They are quite firm in texture even after cooking and they are my favourite because they have such beautiful, delicate flavours. I especially like them fresh in salads, or simply sautéed with garlic and parsley.

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Krug Grande Cuvée
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