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A talk with Aret Sahakyan

I enjoy Krug on any occasion. Each time I take a sip of Krug champagne it is a different experience; every Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée has its own character, full of joyful surprises.
How would you define your cooking style?
In short, “seasonal and Mediterranean”. I prioritize using the freshest ingredients and presenting them in a simple and natural manner. I also enjoy incorporating new and creative techniques to elevate traditional dishes.
How does the location of your restaurant inspire your cooking?
My restaurant is nestled along the shores of the Aegean Sea, which provides the freshest seafood and serves as a source of inspiration. Olive trees in the area contribute the exceptional olive oil, and local farms supply me with the finest and most vibrant produce.
What is your guilty pleasure in life?
Chocolate and more chocolate…
What three things would you take with you to a desert island?
My sharp cleaver, a blow torch and a bottle of my favorite wine.
Where are you when you feel the happiest?
In my kitchen, creating new dishes and when I am cooking for my family and friends.
What is your greatest achievement in life?
Transforming the Maçakızı restaurant into one of the finest dining establishments in Turkey, and over the course of 24 years, nurturing numerous cooks into skilled chefs.
What is your favorite Krug pairing?
My favorite Krug pairing is Krug Grande Cuvée and minced lamb Kebap. The spicy, fatty and complex nature of the dish creates a wonderful harmony with the characteristics of the Champagne.
How did you become a Krug Lover?
I have always enjoyed champagne, 30 years ago the owner of a restaurant gave me a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée as a Christmas gift, and that day I became a Krug Lover.


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