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L'espoir du hibou

South Korea
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Consistency has been key to L'Espoir du Hibou's longevity. Chef Ki-hak Lim makes traditional French charcuterie like terrines and patés from scratch in the Gangnam district of Seoul.

A talk with Kihak Lim

I find culinary inspiration in almost everything, from Music and art to conversations with my friends.
How would you define your cooking style?
It is classically French in both style and technique. I feel it is my mission to introduce authentic French cuisine to Korean diners. Before you can offer modern interpretations on French cooking, you need to lay the foundation.
How does cooking with fish inspire you?
The ocean is the purest and vastest of the Earth’s natural wonders and its bounty holds the freshest aromas. The beauty of it is that I do not have to do much as fish is already so naturally flavourful.
Why do you love Krug?
Krug is the elegant result of coexistence, the marriage between heritage, savoir faire and a forward-thinking vision. That is also what I have tried to establish for my cooking: authentic with regard to French technique but modern and elegant in preparation and presentation.

L'espoir du hibou

Seoul - KR
90-20, Cheongdam-dong,
13510, KR
+82 2-517-6034

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