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A talk with Olivier Vigneault

No soul? No point. Cook with the best ingredients and love in your heart.
How would you describe your culinary philosophy?
I believe that dining must, above all, feed your soul. I like when dishes are simple and you are able to walk away from a meal being completely satisfied, physically and spiritually. My preference is always for food that is created with heart—coming from a place of memory, nostalgia, emotion, passion.
How would you define your cooking style?
My cooking style is mostly Japanese and Chinese-focused, blended with my classical French training. A lot of inspiration comes from my travels to Tokyo and Hong Kong. I like working with ingredients that speak for themselves, taking the execution up a level with precise technique, but make it all appear deceptively simple in presentation.
What is your guilty pleasure in life?
When someone else cooks for me!
How has the way you cook evolved as your career has progressed?
I was trained in classic French cuisine, but became inspired by Asian cooking after being exposed to more Japanese traditional foods and culinary techniques. After traveling and spending more time in Asia, I also found myself drawn to Chinese cooking styles and flavors. I love and appreciate the technicality and restraint in Japanese cuisine, and the boldness and familial nature of Chinese gastronomy. Today, I incorporate both cooking styles and philosophies into my own food.
What are your sources of inspiration?
My travels with my wife. We find something exciting in every new city or country we visit, and we are just as happy to revisit spots to re-order our favorite meals.
When is your favourite time to enjoy Krug?
Every moment can become a favourite moment to enjoy Krug! Before dinner with friends, when the sun has not yet set, and we are celebrating the beginning of a wonderful evening together.
Why do you love Krug?
I love how delicate Krug Champagne is, and the way it pairs beautifully with all the flavours in my style of cooking. Above all, I have so much respect for the House of Krug—especially its traditions, commitment to quality, dedication to culinary arts, and fine Champagnes.


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Krug Grande Cuvée
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