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Il Capriccio

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Leonardo Vescera has every right to be proud of his achievements. Beyond the well-deserved acclaim of his idyllic portside restaurant and an enviable reputation in catering, he also has a wonderful family with three children – all before reaching the age of 35. His keys to success are simplicity and refinement, which explains his kinship with the House of Krug.

A talk with Leonardo Vescera

I am a Krug enthusiast.
What are your sources of inspiration?
Continuous reflection, walking in street markets, talking with elder fishermen and farmers who tell me their favourite recipes.
How does Krug make you feel?
Whenever I enjoy a glass of Krug, it is always a moment of great and intense emotion. Naturally, for the birth of my children, I celebrated by opening a bottle of Krug.
What is your ultimate dream meal?
Fresh seafood cooked as simply as possible. I would share it with people who dream of discovering a great restaurant and drinking exquisite champagne with the finest food.
What lesson has life taught you?
Never give up, believe in what you do until the end. Never relax. Get better but never forget the importance of humility and respect all the people around you.
What kind of Krug Lover are you?
I am a Krug enthusiast, faithful to the greatest Champagne. From my first taste of Krug I realised why it was different: every sip contains hundreds of sensations. My curiosity drove me to Krug. My favourite Krug food pairing is with smoked wild salmon.

Il Capriccio

Vieste (FG) - IT
Località Porto Turistico
71019, IT
+39 06.5816469

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