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Hiroyuki Kanda

Kanda, Japan

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One of the original Krug Ambassade Chefs, Chef Hiroyuki Kanda is a long-time friend of the House who has participated in many Krug x single ingredient programmes. Growing up in a family of Chefs and restaurant owners, cooking runs through his veins. Having lived and worked in Paris for several years, Chef Kanda draws inspiration from his Japanese culture and upbringing, but also from classic French cuisine.

A talk with Hiroyuki Kanda

Can you tell us about your journey as a Chef?
I cook with my heart, not my hands. Since my childhood, cooking has kept me curious. Both my parents were cooks, and I was born into a family of restaurant owners, so it is in my blood. Early in life, I had my first job working as an assistant in our restaurant, washing and preparing different ingredients.
My parents are the ones who chose this path for me and taught me all the basics, so it has become a special way I have been able to connect with them. When I was 23, I came to Paris, where I worked in a Japanese restaurant for five years. After returning to Japan where I worked another 13 years at a different restaurant, I opened my own place in 2004, choosing to call it Kanda, after my family. After all, they are the ones who taught me that when people gather around the table, it creates a special time to share.
Why do you enjoy cooking with the onion?
The onion is indispensable in the kitchen because it brings texture and different flavours to any dish – be it from Japanese or global cuisine. In Japan, we use the onion with beef, pork, vegetables and stir fry. When I was working in Paris in the late 80s and early 90s, I discovered onion soup au gratin at L’Entracte Opéra and it has since become one of my favourite onion recipes. The onion is a common ingredient I use every day, which is why until this book, I had never really focused on it. Now, however, I see the onion in a completely different way.
For whom would you prepare your dream Krug pairing?
A young music artist who has not yet experienced Krug. I would love to observe how it informs or inspires their work. I might prepare my Krug x Onion pairing, so my guest could be inspired not only by the elegance, structure and spice of Krug Rosé, but also experience the crispy, fresh and spicy side of the onion in my risotto. Maybe after the experience the artist could interpret these sensations musically.
You have been a krug lover for many years, what stands out in your memory?
Krug and I go back decades. I enjoyed my first glass in Tokyo with Japanese graphic designer Hiroshi Kojitani in the 90s and immediately became a Krug Lover. In 1995, I was overseeing the cuisine at the Trianon Palace in Versailles for Kojitani-san’s birthday party. This is where I first met Olivier Krug, now a good friend as I have been part of the Krug Ambassade community since its beginning in 2014.

Tuna tartare with indian rice

Tuna tartare with indian rice

  • timing
    45 minutes
  • preparation time
    10 minutes
  • Cooking time
    35 minutes



soy sauce

bonito stock

500 g tuna



1 onion

1 spring onion

450 g unsalted butter

300 g rice, prepared in bonito stock

10 g salt

1 l soft water

250 ml fresh cream 



white truffle

500 ml vegetable oil 



Chop fresh tuna into cubes. Marinate the tuna with soy sauce and bonito stock



Chop the spring onion and mince, then deep fry in oil. Cook the rice with Indian cereal and dress it on the plate with the chopped tuna. Season with light salt. Boil the bonito stock while adding the soup stock. When the rice is cooked, add fresh cream slowly then serve on a plate



Cut the white truffle into cubes. 



Combine the tuna preparation, the rice and the white truffle along with a soft-boiled egg (or 4-min egg) to make it a tartare. Top with a slice of white truffle

The tuna exudes minerals and aromas evocative of Pinot Noir, which are mirrored in the flavours and structure of Krug Rosé 23ème Édition. The umami of the fish accentuates the complexity of the Champagne, as well as the sweetness of the onion.
Krug Rosé 23ème Édition

The Rosé Champagne for Bold Gastronomic Experiences



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