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Enrico Bartolini Mudec

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Having earned his first Michelin star at age 29 and his second at 33, it seems Enrico Bartolini has no time to lose. By day, he searches for what people call ‘ingredients’ – and when he finds them, he asks them if they want to make his day. This unusual daily dialogue has helped Enrico nurture a truly original gastronomical style he calls Contemporary Classic. In 2013, this shining star became a Krug Ambassades to the delight of his customers.

A talk with Enrico Bartolini

I constantly re-create what to me is excellent.
What do you value most in life?
People often give me the chance to feel happy thanks to their natural friendliness and empathy. I also appreciate elegance in everyday life; it is something that can be achieved little by little.
What are your sources of inspiration?
My inspiration comes from the need to experiment and renew but I also love being rooted in tradition and to constantly re-create what to me is excellent.
Your ultimate dream meal?
It wouldn’t be the same for everybody. My ultimate dream meal would be perfectly balanced in calories, with no more than 500 grammes of ingredients and paired with a great piece of bread. It would start with a great white wine and end up with an outstanding red wine.
Your first sip of Krug?
I was many years ago. I still remember the label and colour of the bottle, slightly different from what they are now but the style, flavours and aromas were just as impeccable as they are today.

Enrico Bartolini Mudec

Milano - FR
Via Tortona, 56
20144, FR

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