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Dining under the plane trees, between the elegant topiary box hedges in the grounds of this beautiful farmhouse, is a truly exceptional experience. The owner-Chef, Dick Middelweerd combines outstanding products of his home country with a wide range of Mediterranean, Asian and South American influences.

My favorite thing to do is use my staff as my inspiration.
How would you describe your approach to cooking?
My style is light, vibrant, full of textures and acidity for freshness. It also has a touch of Asian influence, for example, with the addition of a Japanese vinaigrette or the use of soy sauce for flavour. This focus on lightness – minimal use of cream or butter – stems from my belief that food should heal as much as it brings pleasure.
What is one of the greatest lessons you have learnt in the kitchen?
It is all about team effort and communication to create an unforgettable experience. Food is elevated to a higher level when the focus is on combining talents and working together. I have a lot of young Chefs in my team and their energy makes each dish stronger.
What is it about fish that inspires your cooking?
Fish are a pure joy to prepare and eat because they are on the high end of the umami spectrum. The remarkable versatility of certain species means they lend themselves to a host of associations, be it with particular vegetables, textures or preparations. They also combine beautifully with acidic ingredients and raw produce. This diversity means more options when it comes to cooking methods.
Now over to the glass: what comes to mind when you think of Krug Grande Cuvée?
I think of its generosity and depth of flavours and aromas, as well as the craftsmanship it upholds.

A talk with Dick Middelweerd

De Treeswijkhoeve

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