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Andrew Kirkby came to France for work at the age of 18 and never left. He still delights in his career after 20 years of experience.

A talk with Andrew Kirkby

I really enjoy sharing my experiences.
What has been the greatest achievement at your establishment?
It was a collective success for Casadelmar when we earned our second Michelin star. This happened only a year after having lost it following the departure of our former Chef.
What inspires you?
I really enjoy sharing my experiences and passing along expertise to my children, as well as to my employees and our customers.
What has been your greatest success to date?
The professional achievements that I have made in France as a British expat. When I arrived in 1992, I could not speak a single word of French!
When did you have your first glass of Krug?
It was at a Champagne tasting at the Hôtel Royal in Evian-les-Bains, where I worked for nine years. We had already tasted a few other Champagnes, but I remember that the Krug really surprised me. When we opened Casadelmar, we naturally decided to work with Krug because we identify with the House’s values, supreme elegance, high standards and excellent quality. Incidentally, Krug is also our manager's favourite Champagne.


Porto-Vecchio - FR
Route de Piccovagia
20538, FR
+33 (0)4 95 72 34 34

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