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Cappuccini Resort


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A talk with Marco Pelizzari

Just once more, I would love to be able to enjoy the meal my grandmother used to prepare for Sunday lunch when I was a kid.
How would you describe your culinary philosophy?
Simplicity and a mix of local and international ingredients that come together to create a great combination of tastes and flavours.
What is your culinary obsession?
My Chef Piercarlo Zanotti says: “Details make perfection. Perfection is not a detail”. I fully agree. You couldn’t have the perfect meal without the perfect place, the perfect service, the perfect company and, of course, a bottle of Krug.
What are your sources of inspiration?
Speaking about life in general, my wife is my inspiration. She is my guide. Her understanding and sensitivity make her able to foresee problems and solve them in advance. In terms of wine, my inspiration comes from the friends with whom I enjoy it. They are a combination of technical, passionate and impulsive people and I always learn something during the moments we share.
Who is your hero and why?
Dom Pierre Pérignon is my hero because, unconsciously, he created my future passion.
What is your idea of pleasure?
Spending time with my wife and my kids, wherever we may be in the world.
What is your ultimate dream meal?
I would like to enjoy once more the meal my grandmother would prepare for Sunday lunches when I was a kid.
Who would be your dream dinner companion?
Roger Federer because he is the best athlete ever, in my opinion.
If you could prepare a dinner for any four guests who would they be?
In real life, my wife Angela, my son Lorenzo and my two daughters Adelaide and Agata. If we are to consider historical figures, I would choose four notorious Champagne lovers: Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Winston Churchill and Marylin Monroe.
Can you describe your first sip of Krug?
When I was working in England, I had the pleasure of enjoying a bottle Krug 1988, when it had just come out of the cellars.
Your favourite Krug food pairing?
Krug and onion soup.
When is your favourite time to enjoy Krug?
Krug is for every moment.

Cappuccini Resort

Cologne - IT
Via Cappuccini, 54
25033, IT

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