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Badrutt's Palace


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A talk with Gian Müller

We don't know what tomorrow brings - enjoy life and try to live many special moments.
How would you describe the hotel’s culinary philosophy?
We welcome visitors from all over the world and offer a selection of dishes with which they are familiar, as well as an opportunity to discover local specialties. Our heritage and offer are – and always have been – strongly influenced by our guests. Since the old days, they have travelled around the world and shared new culinary discoveries with the team in St. Moritz which inspire us to re-create these recipes. Many of the hotel’s iconic dishes were brought to Badrutt’s Palace this way, hence they have a personal story.
How would you describe the Badrutt’s Palace in three words?
The “perfection of imperfection”
What are your sources of inspiration?
The pristine nature surrounding the hotel. At 1856 meters above sea level, each day the alpine climate reveals a new natural spectacle around the peaks, lakes and forests. Sometimes the sky is cloudy and the mood mysterious, sometimes there is a stunning blue sky and the colours seem more vivid than anywhere imaginable. In autumn, the trees turn red and golden. In the Engadine, if you so desire, you can walk for hours without encountering another person. Every day is fascinating and gives us energy and inspiration.
Where are you when you feel the happiest?
I am passionate about trail running in the mountains – an activity that allows me to connect deeply with nature. Every run is different and can turn into a great adventure as nature is often unpredictable. I love to be out there by day or by night, in sunshine, rain or snow. While running, I am always focused on the path ahead of me. This allows me to forget the worries and pressure of everyday life and brings me great inspiration or new ideas. I often catch myself smiling, even when I am all by myself in the middle of nowhere.
What qualities do you value most in another person?
I value people who live in the moment and enjoy life. Our time on this planet is finite and everything has a beginning and an end, therefore we should not postpone our plans and dreams. Instead, we should enjoy every day: go on adventures, take risks and treat ourselves whenever the circumstances feel right.
Why do you love Krug?
We think that Krug is the perfect match for the Badrutt’s Palace and there are many similarities. A long tradition of hospitality accompanied by continuous innovation, with a certain maverick spirit, a team that strives to deliver excellence, at times in a rustic, at times in a refined way. Reliable, authentic, and of highest quality, yet every day surprising in a new way and always enjoyable.
What is your favourite Krug food pairing?
Krug Rosé paired with any dish prepared with a good, ripe tomato ideally picked fresh from the garden. My best memory is of an intricate gazpacho dish which was paired with Krug Rosé. To me, Krug Rosé is the ultimate Champagne for gastronomy and paired with the right dish it both complements and enhances the flavours of the dish.


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Krug Grande Cuvée
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