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What is Krug iD

Today the House of Krug offers six Champagnes, all of the same undisputed quality, each illustrating a different expression of Nature.
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Since 2011, the House has invited Champagne lovers to enter the Krug iD – six digits printed on the back label of every bottle – in a dedicated section of the Krug website or using the Krug App, to take their experience of Krug Champagnes one step further.

The Krug iD reveals the Winemaking team's impressions of the year, a detailed story of the bottle, food pairing suggestions, recommendations for ideal storage and service, as well as Krug Music Pairing suggestions to enhance every Krug Lover’s tasting.

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Every bottle of Krug Champagne has a story to tell.
Enter the Krug iD to discover more about your bottle.

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Krug App

Curious about your bottle of Krug Champagne? Download the Krug App and discover the story your bottle has to tell, via its Krug iD.

Krug Grande Cuvée — Grand Soleil