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New Zealand

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A talk with Josh Emett

We are honoured to be a Krug Ambassade, as the House has always been a favourite of mine. I love what it stands for: Krug’s forward-thinking mentality is very aligned with our approach. I am also very excited to get stuck into the creative process of matching our style of cuisine with Krug Champagnes.
Where are you when you feel the happiest?
I love warm weather so often chase the sun when I am planning a break. Helen and I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles. I love the California vibe and the diverse food scene with fresh produce from the area –some of the best in the world. I also have a special fondness of France having lived close by when I was in the UK. I have explored many of the regions of France over the years and never pass up an opportunity to holiday or visit.
What role does Music play in your life?
Helen and I both love music, and it plays a very large role in our lives. We put a lot of thought into the play lists we listen to as a family at home, and we enjoy a wide range of music genres. We try and attend a music festival every year and are constantly going to concerts. I listen to music to relax and unwind; I find it useful when I need to find inspiration – it somehow helps me focus and feel more creative. At my restaurants I am also very particular about the music we play as we believe it really enhances the guest experience and creates the right ambience.
How has the way you cook evolved as your career has progressed?
I have simplified my approach to food and the way I cook over the years, becoming more disciplined about what I put on the plate and feeling strongly about letting the ingredients to speak for themselves rather over layering with too much distraction.
What is the greatest lesson you have learnt in or outside the kitchen?
I always write my goals for the year down, then I plan and follow a detailed timeline to methodically work towards achieving each. This attention to detail is important when running a smart kitchen.
How would you describe yourself in three words?
Positive, committed, disciplined.
Can you describe your first sip of Krug?
My first sip of Krug was many years ago when I was working in London as a trainee Chef. I did not have much money, but had spent what I did have on a trip to Paris. I visited an amazing wine shop there and bought a couple of really nice bottles, one of which was Krug. Needless to say, I loved it and have been a fan of the House ever since.
What is your favourite Krug food pairing?
I do love pairing the decadence of Krug Grande Cuvée with humbler ingredients. We recently did a tasting of Krug with a fried chicken and Oscietra caviar dish that we served at Onslow and found the match to be outstanding.
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