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La Table Krug at The St. Regis Mexico City

Mexico City
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La Table Krug is the most intimate and unique French restaurant in Mexico, where guests can live a new culinary experience by Diego Sobrino and his team, who are passionate about visitors taking pleasure in every bite, as they savour a glass of Krug in this marvellous establishment.  

A talk with Diego Sobrino

A matter of passion.
What makes you happy?
For me, it is making others happy with my recipes. There is a special magic that emerges when people savour a dish, as it connects with their sensations and creates memories. Translating that into La Table Krug, I love to create new recipes to pair with Krug, watch as my guests are transported through a culinary journey like no other and seeing them smile, closing their eyes, as they delight in a bite. Every pairing offers the potential for a unique and unforgettable moment of happiness.
What are your sources of inspiration?
As I am from Brittany in France, my major source of inspiration come from the sea and the delicious shellfish and seafood from this coast. At the same time, I look to Mexico for condiments and ingredients to create an interesting combination.
If you had to choose another job, what would it be?
I cannot imagine doing anything else. Being a Chef is what makes me happy and where I find my true self. However, there is a job that I admire and respect greatly: farming. Farmers are always in contact with nature, they understand the soil and seasons like no other person. They see how the rain can affect crops and the precision required in timing fruit and vegetable harvest fascinates me. When I cook, I always keep in mind the time and attention to detail that each ingredient has required to make it to our table.
Your first sip of Krug?
My first glass of Krug was during the opening ceremony of The St. Regis Punta Mita. After the first sip, I could already sense its magnificence. This is how I discovered the delicacy and elegance of Krug Grande Cuvée, which I will never forget. As a Chef, my cooking style has many similarities: Krug seeks to create Champagnes with the best of what the vineyards offer each year, just as I look for pleasure, delicacy and elegance in my recipes.

St Regis, Mexico

Ciudad de México - MX
Paseo de la Reforma No.439, Cuauhtemoc
06500, MX
+52 55 5228 1818

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Krug Grande Cuvée
Krug Grande Cuvée
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