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Abalone rice

by Tristin Farmer
Zen, Singapore

Inspiration comes from everywhere, I could not pin point at one aspect in particular. I try my best to eat out, to try different restaurants, visit markets, learn new techniques. It's a part of me evolving and becoming better. As a chef, you need to find, posses and develop your creativity always.

Tristin Farmer

Abalone rice

    6 PERS.
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Ginger dashi

Kombu water - 500g
Ginger - 5g
Dried matsutake - 5g
Dried shiitake - 5g
Katsuobushi - 5g
Light soy - 25g
Kudzu root - 10g
Aged rice vinager - 20g

Koshihikari rice

Koshihikari rice (dry weight) - 100g
Walnut milk - 100g
Matsutake (frozen) - 20g
Chicken skin - 20g


Ginger dashi - 500g 
Abalone - 100g


Oxtail stock - 100g
Ponzu - 25g
Chicken fat - 25g
Salt - 1g
Lemon juice - 5g 

Ginger oil

Ginger - 100g
Canola oil - 200g

Truffle butter

Salted butter - 100g
Chopped truffle - 5g
Black truffle oil - 2g


STEP 1 — Ginger dashi
Warm all ingredients except kudzu root at 85°C for 30 minutes. Add kudzu root and bring to the boil. Strain and reserve

STEP 2 — Koshihikari rice
Cook rice for 11 minutes, induction number 6 (250g batch)

STEP 3 — Abalone
Steam for 7-8 hours (sousvide) 80°C. Once cooked, grill and glaze with tare.

STEP 4 — Tare
Combine all the ingredients refered.

STEP 5 — Ginger oil
Cook sous-vide for 1 hour 85°C. Cold infuse for 24 hours.

STEP 6 — Truffle butter
Combine all the ingredients refered.

Warm walnut rice and finish with truffle butter - place in bowl. Grill abalone and glaze with tare - cut into 3cm dice and top rice. Warm ginger dashi - spoon over rice. Sear foie gras - add to bowl. Garnish with chopped chives, chopped truffle and ginger oil.

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