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Tails of the Sea

7 March, 2018

When Krug Ambassade Chefs go to sea in search of a single ingredient.

There is a decisive moment, somewhere between the alarm sounding at 4:30 a.m. and the arrival at a pin-drop-quiet harbour, when the adrenaline of anticipation kicks in and supplants any of the apprehensions one might expect to accompany an adventure at sea.

Tails of the sea

This February, a group of Krug chefs from all over the world embarked on an unconventional adventure off the coast of Mallorca. Inspired by Krug’s philosophy of seeing every plot of vines as a single ingredient that, through its wine, brings its unique character to the blend of Krug Grande Cuvée or Krug Rosé, they decided to explore the creative possibilities that their own single ingredient – fish – could inspire. Guided by expert fishermen they journeyed to the source and imparted their distinctive styles to a host of exceptional fish-based dishes.
Back at the harbour, now ablaze with mid-morning light, the chefs huddled around a fire with their fishing partners, Krug Grande Cuvée in hand, sharing stories of their morning expedition before they would embark on the culminating moment of the adventure – the pairing.
Armed with their trusty knives and boundless inspiration, they stepped into their seaside kitchens to work their magic. A hush descended as each chef surveyed their ingredients, pausing for measured reflection before developing their masterpieces and then delicately made the first incision with the tip of their knives.

Between moments of pure concentration, the chefs would lift their gazes to share a jaunty nod with their peers as a sign of camaraderie, as if to say look at what we have created from our catch.
The fishermen were eager to see how the chefs had turned their morning’s work into a creative, edible masterpiece. “This would go wonderfully with my dish,” said Chef Zavou, reaching for a handful of azucena de mar, a pale green shrub also known as sea purslane. One of fishermen, Sebastián, smiled in surprise: “I would never have thought of cooking with it.”
Each chef created a dish that would complement the aromas and flavours in Krug Grande Cuvée or Krug Rosé but method and inspiration varied greatly. For chefs Ryan Clift and Michael Cimarusti, fish as a focal ingredient has always been inextricably tied to their memories of summers spent fishing with family, of learning to prepare the whole catch-of-the-day in the utmost respect for its life cycle. Their dish, they said, would tell a nostalgic story.

The best thing a Chef can do is connect with the source. Catch it and cook it directly and the fish retains its story.

Domenico Soranno

The best thing a Chef can do is connect with the source. Catch it and cook it directly and the fish retains its story.

Domenico Soranno

Text by Lindsey Tramuta, food and travel writer

You can discover the full story of this adventure and the dishes the Krug Ambassade Chefs created in the "Tails of the sea" book, available from May in Krug Ambassades and selected establishments.



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