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An ocean of pairing possibilities

19 April, 2018

Arnaud Lallement, Chef and owner of l’Assiette Champenoise & Master Chef of the Krug Family House, talks Krug x Fish.

My relationship with Krug began over 20 years ago when I was looking to work with a Champagne House with which I could create unforgettable moments. I wanted to be able to convey to guests that, like any great wine, Champagne could be paired with an entire meal. At the time, Champagne pairings were rare. The openness of the House of Krug and our shared vision allowed us to work together to develop pairings that would express the singular ability of Krug Champagne to complement the diversity of flavours in any chef’s larder.

Partners in pairing

As part of this exploration of pairing possibilities, comes the now annual selection of a single ingredient with which to experiment. My deep connection to the Champagne region means that for me, every pairing begins with the terroir, which is why the pairings have been humble, terrestrial offerings such as the egg, the mushroom or the potato. But for this year’s ingredient of choice, the House went beyond the shoreline in order to celebrate that most sundry of oceanic ingredients: Fish.
It may come as a surprise that many millions of years ago, the Champagne region was covered by a vast ocean. Could this be what makes Krug Grande Cuvée with its blend of over 120 wines from plots all over the Champagne region and that ever-versatile ingredient fish such a marvellous match? Possibly, but there is no magic recipe for the perfect pairing. Ultimately, it comes down to instinct, perpetual experimentation and a spark that confirms that a particular combination of ingredients will shine alongside a glass of Krug Champagne.
Sourcing a single ingredient such as fish at its freshest and then bringing out its finest qualities to create a delectable pairing is a fascinating adventure. As chefs, we endeavour to be one with the Earth and adapt to what nature provides us. This time, we took to the sea where we were inspired by an ocean of possibilities.


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