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Years of Japanese cuisine tradition run through the veins of 3rd generation Chef Yosuke Suga. Pairing his heritage with 16 years of training as Joël Robuchon’s executive Chef, his return to Japan marked the start of a truly unique take on cuisine. Created in 2015, his Tokyoite 20-seat restaurant, Sugalabo, is one of the city’s most sought-after.

A talk with Yosuke Suga

The creation of a dish is like a symphony.
How would you describe your culinary philosophy?
Borderless, simple, and clean.
What is your culinary obsession?
Getting to know Japan. After returning from a lengthy period working overseas, I am slowly, and deeply, becoming reacquainted with Japanese culture and its products. Sharing these ideas with the world is what I want to do.
What was the most memorable meal you either cooked or ate?
The beef stroganoff cooked using my grandfather’s recipe that I ate as a child at my family’s restaurant. I feel that much of my inspiration as a Chef has its roots in that Western dish.
At Krug we have developed a deep understanding of the relationship between music and Champagne. Do you see a correlation between music and cooking?
For me, the creation of a dish is like a symphony and, as a Chef, I am the conductor of that orchestra. When our customers come to eat our food, it is as if they are buying a ticket to see a performance. I think the similarities between music and food are striking.
What is your idea of pleasure?
The feeling of accomplishment I get when people are happy with what I have done for them.
If you could sit next to anyone from history at a dinner table and share a glass of Krug, who would that be?
Ernest Hemingway. I want to discuss with him the dreams that men have!
Which hens lay the most interesting eggs?
This summer I became acquainted with local chicken eggs from the Kochi Prefecture referred to as Tosa Jiro. While they are small, they have a nice bounce and a rich flavour.
And finally... Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
Who knows?


Tokyo - JP
Minato-ku, Azabudai, 1 Chome−11
106-0041, JP

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