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Myungsik Jang


The moment you realized you wanted to be a chef

When I was 20, I worked part time at a restaurant. One day I had a chance to work with the knife in the kitchen, and I felt incredibly familiar with using the knife. This experience led me to become interested in cooking and eventually go to a culinary school. After graduation, I started working at a hotel and dreamed of opening my own restaurant.

L'amitié L'amitié
I focus more on the ingredients I use than on possible changes in my culinary style.

Chef Myungsik Jang


Did your cooking style change as you gained experience? How did it change ?

I gained more experience over time, my culinary style has not changed much as I prefer not to follow the latest culinary trends. I thus focus more on the ingredients I use than on possible changes in my culinary style.

Where and how do you find inspiration for cooking?

I find inspiration from my own culinary experiences and cook books. I also get new ideas from the ingredients that I find at the market and come up with a new menu.

Did you like mushrooms since you were young? When was the first time you tried mushrooms? (situation or impression)

Born in a rural town, I had many chances to encounter wild mushrooms. I remember having mushroom soup made with mushrooms that my parents collected. These mushrooms were very chewy and had a strong scent since they grew in the wild.

Do you think mushroom is a premium ingredient? Or a humble ingredient? Could you explain why?

There of course are very expensive mushrooms like pine mushrooms or truffles, but mushrooms in general, I think, are more of a humble ingredient. Most of them are affordable and easy to find; their scent and texture can be expressed in a better way than any other ingredients.

If you can only cook and eat one kind of mushroom for the rest of your life, what mushroom would you choose? Why so?

I would choose the same mushroom as what I chose for my dish: the shiitake. The biggest strength of this mushroom is that it has an appetizing, meat-like texture and a very savory flavor.

How do you draw out the special flavor of the mushroom? Could you explain us what methods or ingredients you use?

When stir frying mushrooms, I fry them on high heat to capture their scent and moisture. When making stew or soup, on the other hand, I simmer them on medium heat.

If you had to cook for yourself or for your friends at home, what would you cook for them?

I would go for button mushroom soup or Shiitake risotto. My friends do not seem to enjoy complex dishes that much.

Could you share your experience or memories related to Krug Champagne?

As an owner/chef, I have had a lot of opportunities to try various wines, but it is Krug that has changed my notion of what champagnes can be. I learned that champagne is not just an aperitif but is something that can be perfectly paired with a countless variety of dishes.

Last but not least…

What is the name of the dish you matched with Krug Grande Cuvee?

Name: Shiitake mushrooms filled with shrimp mousse and button mushroom consommé
Main Ingredients: Shiitake and button Mushrooms
Other ingredients: Shrimp, garlic, thyme, spring onion, onion, egg white

How did you come up with this dish?

When I was asked to create a mushroom dish, the first thing that came across my mind was a not-too-serious dish made with easily available ingredients. I thus added shrimps that will go together well with the acidic character of Krug Grande Cuvee.

Why does this dish match well with Krug Grande Cuvee?

The acidity of Krug Grande Cuvee blends well with the shiitake's aromatic flavor; the button mushroom consomme maximizes the sweet and savory taste of shrimps. The result is a pleasantly light mushroom dish that can be perfectly paired with Krug Grande Cuvee.

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