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Il Pagliaccio

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Anthony Genovese brings a world of unmistakable refinement to the tables of his delighted guests. Their enjoyment is also his as he serves up a fusion of flavours and emotions that reflect his cosmopolitan career. His personal definition of pleasure is to be found at the end of a working day, relaxing with staff, knowing that he is following his passion and surrounded by people who share it. All these pleasures turn into perfection with a glass of Krug.

A talk with Anthony Genovese

Every dish is crafted to evoke memorable sensations.
What are your sources of inspiration?
I draw inspiration from everyday moments and gestures, and from new friendships. The people around me are most important in discovering new ideas. Family, friends, colleagues, they all share my passion for creativity.
What would be your ultimate dream meal?
In my restaurant every dish is crafted to evoke memorable sensations, from mains to pastries. Naturally, my dream meal would be made from the richest blend of sensations. I would invite my family, who matter most to me, and share my journey and my life.
What has life taught you?
Respect, humility and self-sacrifice.
What makes you a Krug Lover?
My passion for Krug Champagne. I was first introduced to a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée by my sommelier Matthew Zappile. He is a great Krug enthusiast as well, and it was a truly memorable encounter. As for a favourite Krug food pairing, in fact it’s nothing specific, I simply take great pleasure in enjoying it throughout the entire meal.

Il Pagliaccio

Roma - IT
via dei Banchi Vecchi 129a
00186, IT
+39 06/

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Krug Grande Cuvée
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