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In the former stables of a château, with a view of the Aquitaine bridge, the atmosphere of Le Prince Noir is atypical and warm, blending ears with 1930s style interior design. Chef Vivien Durant’s menu is inspired by the southwest of France and evolves according to the seasonality of his ingredients.

The ability to listen, humility and joie de vivre.
How would you describe your culinary philosophy?
Respectful, pleasurable and always evolving.
What is your culinary obsession?
Cooking on the bone for both meat and fish, because with this method I can best express their flavour.
Your first sip of Krug?
I enjoyed my first glass of Krug came quite late in life. It was one evening after a tough shift in the kitchen. When I first tasted Krug Grande Cuvée, I remember saying to myself, “wow” – the complexity, harmony, fun with the customers and the satisfaction of a job well done were all somehow distilled into a single glass.
What is the most memorable meal you either cooked or ate?
That is a difficult question to answer because there are several. When I am surrounded by family and friends, in restaurants or at home, we always enjoy quality products, great wine and the roar of laughter.
And finally… Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
The hen, the egg, the hen, the egg, the hen, the egg. Ok, I would say the hen.

A talk with Vivien Durand

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