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The ultimate gift of the season: Krug Sharing Set


The Krug Sharing Set is a truly complete gift; a bottle of Grande Cuvee, the most generous Champagne in the world with exceptional finesse in a luxuriously reusable case alongside two specially-designed Riedel crystal glasses.
The clasp of the presentation case includes a plaque which, alongside the engraved emblem of the House, includes the embossed initials of the beneficiary – thus ensuring it remains a keepsake long after the last drop of Champagne is spent. 
Nestled beside the bottle of Krug Grande Cuvee are two crystal glasses made exclusively for Krug by world-renowned glass-maker Riedel. Named ‘The Joseph’ in dedication to the Founder of the House, Joseph Krug, this sublime instrument was created to enhance every aspect of the sensorial Krug experience. 
The Krug Sharing Set is a truly special way to share the ultimate pleasure of exploring Krug. Over twenty years of passion and savoir faire go into making Krug Grande Cuvee, recreated from scratch every year with a blend of over 120 wines from at least 10 different vintages, some reaching up to 15 years of age, followed by a rest of at least six years in the cellars. Exquisite today, Krug Grande Cuvee also ages beautifully. It’s unique freshness in the mouth, with rich and tangy flavours offers a delightful explosion of sensations and aromas. 
The Krug Sharing Set is our invitation to all our Krug Lovers; gift the pioneering spirit and elegant finesse of Krug, start new adventures and create a lifetime of enchanting moments.