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Krug ID exposes a new facet with which to explore the world of Krug. It is an innovation with a dual purpose; a unique way for you to discover the story behind your bottle of Krug, explore the intricacies of our world as well as collect different bottles. Each bottle, with its own individual Krug ID on its back label, also highlights our position as the only House that only produces Prestige Cuvées.
For example, Krug Grande Cuvée, impossible to create with the wines of a single harvest, is recreated annually with a vast array of wines from many different years. Krug ID allows for the subtlest nuances and developments of this Prestige Cuvée to be explored and revealed now and in years to come in a way that has never been possible before.

Your Krug ID celebrates every bottle as its own glass-encased work of art, as Krug takes the lead in being the first House to tell the story behind each bottle. As the first number of the 6-digit Krug ID reveals the quarter your bottle left the cellars and the following two the year, Krug ID is a simple reference with which to build a collection to enjoy now or later.

By typing your Krug ID into the relevant section of Krug.com, you will learn the story behind that very bottle, opening up a whole new facet to the adventure that is discovering the world of Krug.

We are delighted to share this thoroughly refreshing way of exploring the pioneering spirit and elegant finesse that defines the House of Krug.

Discover the story behind your bottle of Krug